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Breuer Cesca Chair Replacement Seats & Parts

Breuer chairs have been an iconic interior design piece for over a century. While you can purchase new Breuer chairs, there is nothing like restoring an original piece to use in your home or business.

At Seats and Stools, we offer an authentic selection of meticulously crafted replacement seats and parts. Choose from durable cane, wicker seats, sturdy frames, and chrome-plated accents. Restore cherished heirlooms or create a stunning ensemble for your next interior design project.

Browse the complete collection of Breuer Cesca Chair replacement parts and rejuvenate your space with the timeless charm of Breuer Cesca Chairs.

All About Breuer Chairs

Breuer Chairs are an iconic furniture piece that has left an undeniable mark on design history. These chairs, developed by the legendary architect and designer Marcel Breuer, embody innovation and timeless elegance. Breuer Chairs epitomized modern furniture design in the early 20th century with their groundbreaking use of tubular steel and caning.

Inspired by the principles of the Bauhaus movement, Breuer’s chairs exude a seamless blend of form and function. The minimalist yet striking design aesthetic remains a testament to the Bauhaus philosophy, emphasizing simplicity, clean lines, and practicality.

Their influence extends far beyond their initial creation, as Breuer Chairs have become a symbol of modern refinement, seen in countless homes, offices, and public spaces worldwide. The enduring appeal lies in their ability to complement various interior styles, from contemporary to mid-century, effortlessly.

Breuer Chairs have a design legacy that continues to captivate and inspire design enthusiasts, making them a must-have piece for anyone seeking the perfect combination of artistry and comfort in their living spaces.

Breuer Chair Replacement Parts at Seats and Stools

Replace your Breuer Chair parts and breathe new life into your beloved seating. Over time, wear and tear can diminish these iconic chairs’ original charm and functionality.

By choosing authentic Cesna chair replacement parts, you ensure the piece’s longevity and preserve the characteristic design aesthetics. Upgrading your Breuer Chair with genuine components guarantees the same level of comfort and style as when it was first made.

Whether renewing the cane or wicker seats or refreshing the tubular metal frame, restoring your chair to its former glory has never been easier with Seats and Stools.

Breuer Chair Seat Replacement

Our Breuer Chairs replacement seats are crafted from premium materials, including the original cane wicker, fabric upholstery, and low-maintenance vinyl. Vinyl Cesca Chair replacement seats are ideal for high-traffic areas like restaurants, cafes, or offices, while the fabric offers comfortable and stylish options for dining rooms and bedrooms.

If you want to update your space while retaining the retro aesthetic of the piece, Seats and Stools stock Black Breuer Cane Chair replacement seats. The black lacquered surrounding frame complements the rich cane for a textured yet minimal upgrade to your furniture. We also carry Breuer Cesca Chair replacement seats with beautiful wooden frames that perfectly contrast the sleek tubular steel.

Breuer Chrome or Brass Frames

Our replacement chrome or brass frames are compatible with all our Breuer Chair replacement seats. Choose from side chair, armchair, or bar stool styles, with bar stool options available in 24" or 28" heights. The frames feature a 1" diameter tubular steel construction with a plated chrome or brass finish. With floor glides included, these frames are stylish and practical, rated for a weight limit of 263 lbs.

Breuer Single Prong Glides

Breuer Single Prong Glides are essential for floor protection and can be installed easily. These snap-on glides are designed to fit Breuer Cane Chair replacement seats and chrome frames, which safeguard your floors from scratches and scuffs. They are ideal for residential and commercial settings, such as homes, offices, and restaurants.

These glides provide a simple and effective solution to preserve the integrity of your floors while ensuring the smooth movement of your chairs. Available in black or white, you can easily match them to your chair’s aesthetic.

Breuer Arm Rests

Seats and Stools offers a range of high-quality replacement armrests, ensuring durability and style that will enhance your Breuer Cesca Chair replacement seats and backs. These wooden armrests provide a seamless fit for your Breuer armchairs and come in natural, black lacquered, walnut, and honey oak finishes.

Breuer Screws and Chrome Caps for Breuer Cesca Frame

Put the finishing touches on your updated Breuer Cane Chair with genuine Breuer screws and chrome caps. The durable Philips head oval screws are made to securely attach your Breuer Chair seat replacements to the frame, while the chrome caps seal the ends of the steel frame to prevent moisture damage and rust from infiltrating the frame’s interior.

Update Your Space with Seats and Stools

From authentic cane and wicker seats to durable frames, Seats and Stools Breuer Chair Seat replacement exemplifies the timeless sophistication of Marcel Breuer’s design. Browse our collection now and elevate your seating area with Seats and Stools premium chair and barstool replacement seats & parts. Contact us to find out more about our custom Breuer Cesca Chair designs.