Where To Sit At Social Events


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Wherever you’re socializing, getting the best seat (or stool!) in the house is bound to make your good time even better. Strategic place cards can help spark conversation at a dinner party, while sitting next to your first date at the table or at the bar enhances intimacy and helps you get to know each other better. The best seat on game day, whether it’s in the upper deck behind home plate or on the fifty-yard line, ensures that you won’t miss a second of your favorite team’s action or that game-winning play. And when you’re at a concert venue or movie theater, staying central and slightly away from the speakers gives you the best acoustics possible so that you don’t miss a word.

So don’t fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to social seating- plan ahead for the best time possible, and have a blast!

Think about how often you ask yourself the question “where should I sit?” Whether you’re on a date and you’re wondering which bar table to take, or trying to figure out what’s the best seat at a dinner party, the question is one that you never have time to think through properly before finding yourself in your chosen chair, for better or worse.

Of course, someone always has to choose the worst pub table, just as someone else is going to luck into the best. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you, so you can snap up the best bar stool in the place (or seat in the movie theater), while others hesitate around you.