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Breuer Cesca Chairs & Bar Stools

Designed by renowned architect Marcel Breuer in the 1920s, Breuer Cesca Chairs & Bar Stools have become an enduring symbol of modern design and innovation. The Breuer Cesca collection at Seats and Stools features a distinctive tubular steel, curved chrome plated frame, cane seat, and backrest, combining style and practicality in perfect harmony.

With its timeless design, Marcel Breuer Cesca Chairs have made their way into homes, offices, and public spaces worldwide. Beloved by design enthusiasts and everyday users, these chairs have become integral to contemporary furniture culture, embodying modernity and sophistication.

Explore the complete collection of Breuer Cesca Cane Chairs & Bar Stools at Seats and Stools.

Stylish Design

With their sleek metal frames, Cesca Marcel Breuer Chairs & Bar Stools are a striking addition to any space. Their versatility allows them to seamlessly integrate into various interior styles, from urban contemporary to Scandinavian to retro mid-century modern.

Our Breuer Gamma Bar Stool is ideal for those seeking the perfect bar or kitchen island seating. This narrow bar stool version of the classic Cesca Breuer Bar Stool offers the stunning textured cane back and seat design and comes in numerous wood finish options with floor glides for floor protection.

If you want a piece that offers a fresh twist on the distinctive design for your home or business, the Breuer Upholstered Cesca Chair is a revamped version of the iconic classic. You can personalize the chair with a selection of durable fabrics and reinforced fabric-back vinyl to suit your interior aesthetic. The chrome-plated 1" diameter tubular steel frame provides comfort and functionality while remaining lightweight and easy to move.

Comfort and Durability

Experience ultimate comfort and unwavering durability with the Breuer Cesca Chairs & Bar Stools. Designed with ergonomics in mind, these furniture pieces guarantee maximum comfort even during prolonged sitting. The cane seat and backrest provide a flexible and supportive surface, conforming to your body’s contours for a cozy sitting experience.

Crafted with high-quality materials, including a rugged metal frame and sturdy cane, these chairs are built to withstand the test of time. The combination of superior craftsmanship and durable construction ensures their longevity, making them a solid investment in your home or business’ style.

The Classic Breuer Bar Stool is an elegant piece available in counter or bar height options. The stool’s seat and back can be upholstered in various vinyl and fabric materials, or you can opt for the classic cane or wood insert. Crafted with chrome-plated and polished tubular steel, these Breuer Bar Stools are built to last. Choose the perfect height to suit your space and transform your bar or kitchen island with this iconic design.

The Wood Insert Cesca Breuer Chair is a must-have for a designer look. This chair exudes classic charm, and you can choose between the side chair or armchair style featuring matching wood arm caps. With its elegant design and exceptional craftsmanship, this chair will add a touch of refinement to your space.

Versatility and Functionality

Breuer Cesca Chairs & Bar Stools are designed to be multipurpose seating options, adapting seamlessly to various settings. Whether it’s a dining area, office, restaurant, or bar, these chairs and bar stools effortlessly elevate the ambiance. The iconic design and sleek aesthetics of Marcel Breuer Cesca Chairs make them equally suitable for residential and commercial spaces.

The Breuer Cane Cesca Chair’s stackable design ensures easy storage and optimal space utilization, making them perfect for areas with limited square footage. Enjoy the flexibility and practicality offered by the Breuer Cane Cesca Chair collection, where style meets functionality.

Customization Options

At Seats and Stools, we offer extensive customization options for the Breuer Cesca Chairs & Bar Stools, ensuring you can create a personalized and unique look. Choose from various frame finishes, including natural, honey oak, walnut, and black, allowing you to match your desired style. The seat materials offer versatility, with options such as cane, wood inserts, or upholstered choices in a wide selection of durable fabrics or vinyl.

We also provide a comprehensive range of Breuer Chair seat replacement parts, ensuring you can easily maintain and extend the life of your chairs. From Breuer cane chair replacement seats and floor guides to chrome-plated steel frames and chrome caps, we have the Breuer cane replacement parts you need for any necessary repairs or updates.

Upgrade your Cesca Chairs with our Breuer Black Cane Replacement Seats and Backs. These modern and minimalist updates give a fresh look to the classic design. Crafted with precision, they blend style and comfort seamlessly, injecting your seating with a contemporary edge.

Elevate Your Space with Breuer Cesca Chairs & Bar Stools

Experience the timeless allure and unmatched quality of Breuer Cesca Chairs & Bar Stools. Explore our customization options and Breuer cane replacement seats and back to find the perfect seating solution for your home, office, or commercial space.

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