Classic & Highback Chair Replacement Seats & Backs

Classic and High Back Chair Replacement Seats & Backs

Give your chairs and stools an all-new look for FAR LESS than the cost of buying brand-new ones! Simply add our new replacement chair seats and backs to your existing frames, or customize a new look and save hundreds of dollars!

Standard Chair Replacements

We carry a variety of replacement seat cushions and backs ranging from high back chair cushions and classic chair seats to classic two-tone chair seat replacements. These popular styles are available in durable fabrics or reinforced fabric-backed vinyl (classic two-tone available in vinyl only). Set includes one seat and one back. Frames not included. Made in the USA.

Classic Dining Chair Replacement Seats and Backs

Refresh your retro dining chairs with chrome chair replacement seats and backs from Seats and Stools. We use high-quality vinyl for our two-tone diner-style chairs, making them water-resistant for easy maintenance and ensuring the vibrant colors won’t fade over time.

Our vinyl upholstery comes in a huge range of colors, from bold aqua, red, and yellow, to calming almond, sand, and light grey hues. This allows you to create a custom piece that pairs perfectly with the current furniture in your home or business.

If you want to refurbish a classic metal frame dining chair, our Classic Dining Chair replacement seats and backs are ideally suited for push-on or screw-on frames and come with an adapter for easier installation.

High Back Replacement Chair Seats and Backs

High back chairs offer excellent support for your spine, shoulders, and neck, making them a perfect choice for intimate dining settings for prolonged sitting. They also add a luxurious touch to restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality businesses.

If your high back chairs need to be refreshed, try the high back chair replacement seats and backs from Seats and Stools. Designed to fit push-on or screw-on frames, these cushions suit diner chairs with 10½" to 14" between posts. We offer seats with both corded and non-corded seams, and our fabric and vinyl upholstery comes in an extensive range of shade to perfectly match your interior design aesthetic.

We also carry high back bucket seat replacements for your barstools so you can revive your seating in comfort and style.

How to Replace a Seat and Back on a Chair

Follow these simple instructions to easily replace the seat and back of your chair with the upholstered replacement, restoring its comfort and appearance.

  • Prepare the surface: Place the new upholstered replacement seat upside down on a flat surface. If you have a chair frame, position it with the front facing the replacement seat.
  • Create guide holes: To make assembly easier, create tiny guide holes in the bottom of the seat. You can use a nail or a drill bit to do this. These guide holes will help ensure that the screws go in smoothly.
  • Securing the seat: Use the original four screws to secure the seat to the frame. Insert the screws into the guide holes you created, and make sure they fit snugly but avoid over-tightening them. A small amount of soap on the screw threads can make the process smoother.

Renew Your Dining Chairs With Seats and Stools

Understanding when and how to replace a seat and back on a chair is crucial to maintaining the look of your space and prolonging the life of your vintage furniture pieces. At Seats and Stools, we recognize the value of repairing your furniture with replacements rather than buying a brand-new piece. Repairs are eco-friendly and help you maintain the integrity and design elements that originally drew you to the piece.

If you’re ready to update your dining area, explore the range of replacement seats and backs at Seats and Stools to breathe new life into your retro metal frame dining chairs. For custom orders, contact us using our convenient online form.