Why Choose Metal Chairs for Your Restaurant?

Dec 24th 2023

Choosing the right furniture is key to setting the mood of a restaurant. But you also need to balance style with functionality to ensure your seating area can withstand the wear and tear of a high-traffic dining room. Metal chairs are the perfect option to blend long-lasting durability with your restaurant’s aesthetic.

What makes them so appealing? They’re strong thanks to their high tensile strength, yet they come in a variety of comfortable and stylish designs. Metal chairs can match any restaurant style, from rustic to modern and industrial. This mix of qualities means metal chairs are long-lasting, practical, and cost-effective in the long term.

Find out why you should choose metal chairs for your restaurant.

Cross Hatch Metal Chair

Built to Last

Metal, as a material, is known for its strength and resilience, making these chairs capable of withstanding the heavy use and wear and tear typical in a busy restaurant environment. Unlike wood or plastic, metal chairs are less likely to break, crack, or warp over time, ensuring they remain in good condition for longer.

When shopping for metal restaurant chairs with the longest lifespan, look for models with a fully welded frame like the Cross Hatch Metal Chair. The addition of the double cross brace along the backrest and struts between the four slightly angled legs increases the strength of the design for a chair that can support substantial weight over long periods.


The longevity of metal chairs also translates into cost-effectiveness. While the initial investment might be higher than that of other materials, the long-term savings are significant as they require less frequent replacement. This is critical for restaurants, where budgeting and financial planning are essential to their daily operations.

Two-Tone Classic Diner Chair

Easy Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintenance and cleaning are major concerns for restaurants that must focus on turning over tables to generate revenue while ensuring the dining area is clean and hygienic for guests.

Metal chairs can be quickly wiped down and cleaned. Unlike fabric or certain types of wood, metal does not absorb spills or odors, making it an ideal choice for cleanliness.

For a diner or casual eatery, our Two-Tone Classic Diner Chair is an excellent addition to your seating area. The tubular steel, chrome-plated frame is rust-resistant and easy to wipe down to remove smudges and fingerprints. The two-tone vinyl-covered seat and backrest are non-porous, so they’ll repel spills and stains and can be quickly disinfected and ready for your next guest.

Window Pane Metal Chair

Resistance to Damage

Metal chairs are also resistant to various types of damage, including stains, scratches, and fading. This resistance ensures they maintain their appearance even with regular cleaning and disinfecting.

Most commercial chair models are made from steel, a rugged alloy of carbon and iron, designed to reduce the risk of corrosion. For even more protection against rust and deterioration, look for metal chairs with a powder-coated finish. This reduces moisture exposure and is less likely to chip, scratch, or fade.

The Window Pane Metal Chair, perfect for restaurants, features a contemporary design with options for a solid saddle seat or low-maintenance upholstered fabric or vinyl. The fully welded, powder-coated frame is capped with plastic gliders to protect your floors, and the 1” thick solid wood seat offers maximum comfort.

Old School Metal Chair

Adaptable to Various Décor Styles

Metal chairs are highly versatile and come in various styles, from vintage and rustic to modern and minimalist, allowing them to blend seamlessly with multiple restaurant themes and décors.

For a modern, industrial-style space, try the Old School Metal Chair in Black Finish. The angular design features exposed hardware and a black finish to add to the raw rustic vibe. It also comes with foot levelers that you can screw up or down to ensure that the chairs won’t wobble, regardless of the slope or type of flooring.

Iceberg CafeWorks Cafe Chair

Customizable Options

Metal chairs offer room for customization. They can be galvanized or powder-coated in different colors, and finishes can range from glossy to matte, allowing restaurant owners to match their furniture to their specific design vision.

The Galvanized Steel Chair’s modern, minimalist design blends seamlessly with numerous aesthetics, from French bistro to country to industrial. The galvanized steel frame is available in eight different color options, including black, yellow, green, and red, to match your space.

Many models also feature cushion seats and backrests with upholstery in various fabric and vinyl options. Choose from vibrant brights like teal, orange, or yellow or subtle muted tones like sand, seafoam, or saddle for a more classic look.

Enhanced Customer Comfort

Comfort is a critical factor in customer satisfaction, and modern metal chairs are designed with this in mind. Many come with ergonomic features and contoured or cushioned seats designed to conform to the body, ensuring guests remain comfortable, even during longer dining experiences.

Iceberg CafeWorks Cafe Chair

The Iceberg CafeWorks Cafe Chair features an ergonomic design with a high-density blow-molded polyethylene seat and back, ensuring optimal comfort for your guests. Its heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel frame and non-mar feet provide exceptional stability, making it perfect for outdoor dining areas.

Invest in Quality for Your Restaurant or Hospitality Venue

Metal chairs offer a combination of durability, ease of maintenance, versatility in design, and comfort. This makes them a savvy investment for any restaurant or commercial space. You can elevate your establishment’s ambiance by choosing metal chairs, ensuring customer comfort while projecting a professional brand image.

Whether opening a new restaurant or revamping an existing one, consider the many benefits of metal chairs in creating a welcoming and functional dining space. Explore the full range of metal chairs at Seats and Stools to find the perfect chair models, or contact us for more information about our products and help choosing metal chairs for your restaurant.

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